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Welcome to the site of Clarinet player and Photographer Bill Payne !

I am currently living in Las Vegas, but actually I am a resident of the World…among other environs, for lo these many years. I am a vagabond of the sonic waves and enjoys the fine art’s: Music (Clarinet Playing), and Photography. Won’t you come and sally forth into his blog of Payne ! My website is a constant work in progress. Please check it out.


You can Email Bill Here Phone: (702)328-4308


A comment from Mark Weber, of Zerxpress

on Bill’s New CD ” Conversations” w Connie Crothers on Piano


change quick
and some things don’t change at all –
good music is always good music
good music has always been
music –
this new CD of Connie & Bill’s
is as good today
as it will be five hundred years from now –

now, I’m obviously influenced from my inner orbit –
having known Connie for quite some time and
Bill was introduced to me by Richard Tabnik
on 67th Street on the morning of December 5, 2004
we were on our way to the subway
for a session over at Connie’s in Williamsburg (475 Kent Ave #410)
(same studio that the CONVERSATIONS sessions took place) –

and subsequently Bill came over here to Albuquerque from
Vegas to have the DAT recordings polished by the late
virtuoso engineer Quincy Adams (24nov56 – 31dec07) and
I sat through that 5-hour (counting lunch) mastering session –
CC’s recordings were so pristine (she uses Neumann mikes)
that Quincy merely had to remove a few snicks and add minor
Eq and mostly just prepare the selections for the production
master — in fact, I wrote the poem that
accompanies the insert while sitting on Quincy’s couch while
Bill & Quincy peer’d down into the microscope
inspecting the sound for all minute particles –

Bill has dreamed of this collaboration for years — they
recorded their first duets together (to my knowledge) at
a concert at 475 on April 17, 2005 –
then the sessions that resulted in this CD were over the
course of three days in October of 2006 which
garnered many hours ( 8 ? ) of music –

there were 2 sessions per day
at 2 separate sessions, duets
with alto saxophonist Richard Tabnik were recorded
and duets with drummer Roger Mancuso were recorded
I can’t wait to hear ( ! ) that stuff, I’ve heard a little smidge of it
(again I’m prejudiced) these guys are some of the greatest
improvisers on the planet today –

and Bill assures me that these recordings will be available

………………………………………..mark weber
albuquerque new mexico 11jan08

NOW Bill, you have to tell us the story of how you met Connie
and how you came to be one of her greatest collaborators.

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